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Employees Concept with Word on Folder.While most behavior analysts receive copious training on clinical topics (i.e., assessment, measurement, treatment, etc.) relatively few learn tactics to impact employee behavior. This is troublesome when one considers the role of a masters-level behavior analyst. Most behavior analysts find themselves overseeing a group of direct care staff members who implement their behavior programs. This puts behavior analysts in a tricky position, they must be able to measure and influence employee behavior, but receive little or no training in this discipline when they were preparing to be clinicians. Fortunately, because we practice a science of behavior, what governs the behavior of our clients also governs the behavior of our employees. From that point-of-view we can then imagine that any problem with employees can be defined, measured, influenced by environmental manipulations, and resolved in a manner that is equitable for the company, the supervisors, and the employee. Organizational Behavior Management (also known as Performance Management) has an articulated set of procedures for accomplishing just such a task.


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