Specialty Re-tread

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Are you ready to take the power of our science into a new area, but want to make sure you do it under the appropriate mentorship and supervision?

The BA Mentorship Network is here to help you do just that.  We are developing experts in various areas who are willing to mentor/supervise practitioners who wish to expand their practice into new areas.

As we grow our network, more areas will be added.  If you have any specific areas you wish to get into, but don’t know who to contact, e-mail Dr. Josh Pritchard and he will assist!

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)

If you want to expand your expertise and training into the area of OBM, we have the team to do this with you.  We will create tailor-made packages to meet your individual goals/objectives.  Below are some of the OBM-Retreads we have provided:

  • A BCBA who worked in a growing human service agency wanted some help assessing potential growing pains (systems analysis) and develop a performance based system to maintain clinical and organizational quality.  During the re-tread, our OBM expert included the BCBA while he conducted a systems analysis and then coached her to develop the appropriate systems adjustments to position the company to grow in a way to maintain quality while still realizing profitability.
  • A BCBA who worked at a human service agency in a supervisory capacity wished to increase her experience and expertise into the OBM world, but wasn’t sure exactly how or in which direction. She also wished to pursue doctoral training, so wanted to make certain her application was competitive. We created a special PhD Prep and OBM Re-tread combination package.  During this package, our OBM expert worked with the BCBA to develop a research proposal that woudl also enhance the bottom-line (appealing to the CEO of the agency), and is currently coaching her through the research procedures.  This scientist-practitioner model is the hallmark of a good OBM and/or ABA practitioner.
  • A BCBA owner of a small business wished to expand into other locations and wanted to make sure that doing so didn’t create financial vulnerabilities for her company.  Our OBM expert put together a re-tread proposal to provide her with the repertoire to leverage her clinical expertise and understanding of behavioral principles and use those to develop proper systems that will allow her to scale her company (and locations) without compromising quality or losing revenue.

Are you interested in re-treading?  Contact us – we bet we can come up with a plan custom-fit to your needs and situation!  E-mail us: josh@bamentorship.net

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