If you have begun the coursework requirements to earn your BCaBA or BCBA, but don’t have a supervisor selected, we urge you to check us out!

We are excited to launch our structured supervision services that have unique features to ensure you exit as a fully qualified behavior analyst while meeting all of the BACBs experience requirements!Josh & Byron

  • Developed by two faculty (Drs. Byron Wine & Josh Pritchard) from Florida Institute of Technology
  • Based on the intensive practicum they taught in the on-campus programs
  • Using cutting edge-technology so that you can get live, in the moment supervision and bug-in-ear support on the job!
  • Supported by a structured behavioral curriculum that covers all the skills that a behavior analyst should have (including, but not limited to BACB Task List Four).
  • Led by Dr. Janelle Allison, our system incorporates group and individual supervision meetings to provide high quality skill development, case conceptualization, and professionalization while maintaining affordability!
  • Incorporates both individual and group supervision according to BACB requirements.

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Dr. Pritchard has been investigating the best method to deliver remote-supervision using competency-based mastery (rather than time in-seat) for almost 10 years!  We use the cutting-edge technology (both behavioral and electronic).

JADr. Janelle Allison received her M.S. in applied behavior analysis from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) in 2010. She received her Ph.D in behavior analysis at FIT in 2015. Janelle has been supervising the experience of individuals working towards BCaBA and BCBA certification since 2012. In addition to the provision of behavior analytic supervision, Dr. Allison also provides parent training and behavior management services to at risk families and families involved in the dependency court and foster care systems throughout Brevard County, Florida. Dr. Allison’s professional experience includes early intervention program case management, the assessment and treatment of severe behavior, and the assessment and treatment of mealtime related problem behavior. Dr. Allison has co-authored 6 research articles. Her research interests include the assessment and treatment of pediatric feeding disorders, severe behavior disorders, and child compliance, as well as the use of the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure to examine complex human behavior.

Dr. Lina Majdalany earned both her masters degree and Ph.D. at the Florida Lina MajdalanyInstitute of Technology. For the last 2 years Dr. Majdalany was an assistant professor for Florida Tech in the school of behavior analysis and site director of the San Diego hybrid location. During this time, she refined and enhanced the intensive practicum course along with 7  of her colleagues and became an expert in in-person and remote supervision.  Most of her clinical experience is with children with autism and organizational behavior management in human service settings. Lina has 9 publications that focus on a range of topics, organizational behavior management, increasing compliance/decreasing noncompliance, verbal behavior, treatment integrity, comparing different teaching methods (e.g., massed, distributed, task interspersal). She is currently assisting with a collaborative research project evaluating  a new parent training intervention that aims to reduce developmental and behavioral issues in infants at-risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).


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