Mentorship Program

Full length of student running on growing graph with book in handComing soon (2016)

Competency-based approach to building your supervisor repertoire

If you’re looking to develop a strong supervision repertoire so you can competently supervise and mentor upcoming BACB certificants, look no further!


Module 1 – Understanding BACB supervision
Module 2 – Organizing for Success & Understanding BACB supervision
Module 3 – Evaluating supervisee competencies & Data-based planning
Module 4 – Teaching & Correcting Supervisees Using Behavior Analysis
Module 5 – Successful Meeting Planning (Individual and Group Meetings)
Module 6 – Creating Contingencies that Create Successful Supervisees
Module 7 – Using Socratic Method in Supervision to Teach Problem Solving
Module 8 – Case Conceptualization vs Content-Specific Case Examples
Module 9 – Creating Materials & Vignettes to Supplement Their Experiences
Module 10 – Soft Skills for Social Success in Supervision


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